“Thanks for your very considerate help so far.”
Chris, Buckinghamshire

“I found our consultation most worthwhile and I am in no doubt that we touched on the ‘key’ elements of the problem.”
Peter, London

“John and I are delighted with the results and can’t begin to thank you enough, we really should have seen you 10 years ago. I believe we said, John and I weren’t at all sure what to expect, but we are so pleased we took the decision to see you and overcame our pre judgments.”
John and Mary, Bedfordshire

“You have made me feel complete again.”
Graham, Buckinghamshire

“Seeing you was the breakthrough moment.”
Stephen, London

“After talking to you I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”
Paul, London

“This consultation has been an integral part of my care. It’s been as important as any of my consultations I’ve had so far about my prostate cancer”
Abdul and Mo, Sussex

“A most informative and through consultation”
Vince, Kent

“Surprisingly the consultation was enjoyable, informative and fun”
Joe and Jack, Bucks

“It was great to talk about the nitty gritty and down to earth stuff for a change”
Richard, London

“It was so liberating talking to you”
Suresh, London

“It feels very reassuring to have a plan after our consultation with you and have a way moving forward”
Vip and Sam, Middlesex

“I found you a great support and someone who I could trust and feel extremely comfortable with”
Romeo, London

“The consultation was really useful for both of us and I feel more positive about things as a result”
Craig, Cornwall 

“Your advice was helpful, reassuring and gave us more confidence”
Jack and Kath, London 

“This is such an important service to provide to explain and increase confidence”
Al, Surrey

“I was apprehensive about seeing you but I’m so pleased I have”
Greg, Kent