Lorraine Grover – Psychosexual Nurse Specialist

Our sexual health can have a substantial impact on our general wellbeing and interpersonal relationships.

Sexual problems can occur at any age. I am a Psychosexual Nurse Specialist. My aim is to help people overcome difficulties with a variety of sexual issues, such as altered desire, vaginismus, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Don’t feel lost and alone, I’m here to help whatever your sexual orientation, whether you are in a relationship or not and no referral is needed.

Sexual problems can be psychological (affected by our thoughts and behaviour), organic (ill health) or both. Successful treatment may require sex therapy and/or pharmacotherapy. Sex therapy can help to increase your sensual and sexual awareness. There are a variety of treatments available for erectile dysfunction. The choice is entirely yours. I can help you make this decision after a discussion about the various options that suit your circumstances. I can also teach and administer penile injections as well as the use of a vacuum pump. Combining sex therapy, especially when there is ill health contributing to the problem(s) can help to optimise an outcome.